City of Porto

Cidade do Porto

Manuel da Silva Godinho (engraving); Teodoro de Sousa Maldonado (drawing)



Copper engraving, black ink

Inventory sheet

Inserted in chapter I of Descripção Topographica e Histórica da Cidade do Porto, published in 1789, this is the first Portuguese engraving depicting the city in the late 18th century.
The view of the city stretches from the Torre da Marca, in the west, to S. Lázaro, at the eastern end of the city. The defensive wall of the old town was maintained throughout its extension and its gates are indicated, where the main ones had, duly indicated, fortified watchtowers. Among the main buildings indicated, the large number of convents existing within the walls is noted. The representation is accompanied by a caption showing the 56 main buildings in the city.
This copy belongs to the first edition and is one of the most reproduced engravings of Porto to date.