Porto from Vila Nova

Oporto from Villa Nova

Robert Batty

London, 1830

Steel engraving

Inventory sheet

This engraving is part of the album, Batty’s Views of the Principal Cities in Europe. The artist was Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Batty of the British army, and the album includes six panoramic views of Porto done by Batty during his stay in Porto.
In this engraving, the artist depicts the Douro and, in the distance, the old Ponte das Barcas. Numerous boats are moored on the river in the fluvial port. In the foreground, the Vila Nova bank is populated by people and small boats. The perspective reveals the oldest monumental complex of the city, punctuated by the Episcopal Palace. The Torre dos Clérigos can be seen on the far left. The defensive wall runs along the city by the riverside and up the Guindais hillside.