View of the banks of the River Douro rising to Porto

Guilherme (?) Kopke (drawing) / Christian Gottlob Hammer (engraving)

Dresden, 1827

Coloured mezzotint

Inventory sheet

The panoramic view is of an area close to the Arrábida mountain range, with the city in the background. The river is, as would have been usual, crowded with boats, and the Portuguese ship, the Lusitânia, can be seen in the foreground, among others of different nationalities. A steam boat moves up river, which was a novelty at the time.
Believed to be a faithful representation of this part of the city, the engraving is by a member of the Kopke family, originally from the Hanseatic Cities (located in present-day Germany), who had been settled in Porto since 1638. The family lived in Massarelos and Vilar, the area covered by the panoramic view. The artist, though certainly an amateur, was a skilled draughtsman among other foreigners who lived and depicted Porto at that time.