View of Porto

View of the City Of Oporto

R. Havell (engraving)/ Carlos Van Zeller (drawing)

London, 1833

Coloured Aquatint

Inventory sheet

This rare view of Porto was drawn by Carlos Van Zeller, captain of the British Brigade in the service of Queen Maria II during the Siege of Porto in 1832-33. Produced during the military conflict, the engraving covers the city from a strategic military point, the Serra do Pilar Monastery, partially represented with the damage caused by the fighting. In the foreground, there are some figures in popular dress, such as the varinas, or fishwives, with their large baskets, a water-carrier, and a peasant in a straw cloak. There are also military figures, from the liberal army and the absolutist troops, the latter being the chained prisoners.

The river, crossed by Ponte das Barcas, is traversed by the different boats, such as the rabelos and the ocean-going vessels anchored in its port. The city is seen in the distance, with the wall shown in detail next to the Guindais escarpment. The engraving is accompanied by a captioned and numbered leaflet distinguishing 85 places, city buildings and military batteries.