Uniform of Honorary Colonel of the Hunter Battalion No. 5

Parts of the uniform worn by D. Pedro during the Siege of Porto (1832 – 1833), the most striking episode of the civil war between Liberals (led by D. Pedro) and Absolutists (led by D. Miguel).

In 1822 D. Pedro had proclaimed Brazil’s independence, becoming the first Emperor. However, upon the death of his father, he was acclaimed King of Portugal and, since he had opted for the Brazilian crown, he abdicated and bestowed the Portuguese throne on his daughter Maria, still a child, appointing his brother Miguel as regent.

Miguel was acclaimed King of Portugal, which forced Pedro to abdicate the Brazilian throne and come to defend his daughter’s rights. This led to the Portuguese Civil War.

It was during this period that D. Pedro decided to create a museum to keep the items that had been confiscated during the war. It was this Museu de Pinturas e Estampas (Museum of Paintings and Prints), later named Soares dos Reis, which received, after the death of its founder, the cocked hat, the spyglass, the map holder and the lanyard. Meanwhile, and symbolically, Queen Maria II had already given the city the sword, the dolman jacket, the waistcoat and the cap, which were later incorporated into the Museu Municipal do Porto, pieces on deposit at the Soares dos Reis National Museum.