Pair of pier-glass and console tables - Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis

Pair of pier-glass and console tables

Luigi Chiari (attributed)


Carved and gilded Nordic Spruce, mahogany and chestnut; oil painting on canvas on the mirror medallion; black marble

Tremó 47 Mob MNSR inventory sheet

Tremó 48 Mob MNSR inventory sheet


Attributed to the Italian artist Luigi Chiari, these trumeau mirrors would have been created for the Carrancas Palace Music Room.

Luigi Chiari would have worked on the palace interiors, designing a set in neoclassical style for the Music Room. There is a principle of decorative harmony followed between the furniture – namely the carving of the pier-glass and console tables and the delicate oil figures on the mirrors – and the stuccoes and paintings depicting the Bacchae in the corners of the ceiling.