Goldwork and Jewellery

Devotional Lantern Pendant

Pendente Lanterna

Mexico or Spain


Gold, enamels, natural pearls, glass, boxwood and hummingbird feathers

Inventory sheet

This devotional pendant, made of gold with applications of enamels and natural pearls, is in the shape of a small temple. Its sides feature a set of eight miniaturised scenes from Christ’s Passion, sculpted in boxwood. Behind these figures, one can glimpse a background covered with greenish feathers.
The origin of this type of devotional pendant has been the subject of debate among specialists. The use of a rock crystal receptacle enclosing figures, enamelled reliefs in gold mountings, decorated with geometrical motifs and cut-out cartouches, as well as pearl pendants characterised the production of Spanish jewellery in the second half of the 16th century. However, the miniature sculptures in boxwood with feather matting (an Aztec tradition in the art of feather work) suggest a production linked to the Franciscan missionary schools in Mexico.