Junot protecting the city of Lisbon

Junot protegendo a cidade de Lisboa

Domingos António de Sequeira (1768 –1837)


Oil on canvas

Inventory sheet

In the context of the French invasions, Domingos Sequeira established friendships with officers of the Napoleonic army, such as the Count of Forbin, an officer and amateur painter. This approach earned him the commission for an allegorical representation of General Junot’s protective action over Lisbon. Thanks to this activity, Sequeira was seen as a collaborator of the occupying enemy and was therefore the target of persecution and condemnation processes from which he was only rehabilitated at great cost.

In this composition, three groups of figures are represented in the foregrounds, among which Junot stands out, in military attire, facing a young woman who represents the city of Lisbon, supported by Religion and the Genius of the Nation. On the left, the two men represent Mars that annihilates Neptune, symbolizing, respectively, France and England while, on the opposite side, the two women symbolize abundance and wisdom, Ceres and Minerva.