Interior (Seamstresses Working) or Between Lunch and Dinner

Interior (Costureiras trabalhando) ou Entre o almoço e o jantar

Marques de Oliveira (1853-1927)


Oil on canvas

Inventory sheet

This scene of domestic intimacy is well defined by the original title the painter gave it when he exhibited Entre o almoço e o jantar (Between Lunch and Dinner).
Silva Porto displays a highly developed sense of composition here and there is great quality in the treatment of light, together with a rare narrative richness.
An unexpected novelty in this representation is the dialogue between the interior, where everything takes place in an intimate atmosphere, and the landscape represented in the background, from where the intense light emanates. This light invades the interior in an oblique direction and is seen projected on the white tablecloth placed on the table and on the transparency of the bottle. Marques de Oliveira painted the work in 1884, a few years after his return from his scholarship stays in France and Italy between 1873 and 1879.