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Frame Embroidery, Seduction

Bordado de encaixilhar, Sedução

Polychrome silk threads, chenille, hair, coloured glass beads, paper. Silk support.


Polychrome silk threads, swags, hair, colored beads, paper. Silk support.

Inventory sheet

This is a common 19th century piece of work, showing how many women used to occupy their time and their manual ability, at a time when female education fostered this kind of artistic and manual skill.

The term ‘frame embroidery’ arouse because most of them were made for this purpose: protected with glass and a frame.

hey were sometimes intended as gifts, a message of love, friendship or gratitude. This example was based on a lithograph entitled Verführung, a German word meaning ‘seduction’. Particularly interesting are the hands and faces on which cut-outs of the paper print that the author coloured were used.

Reproductions like this one were circulated in fashion and embroidery magazines, for example, and reached the hands of those who reproduced them with needlepoint skill.

The bottom of the piece records who made it and when.