A Wheat Field – Harvest (Outskirts of Paris)

Um campo de trigo – Seara (Arredores de Paris)

Silva Porto (1850 – 1893)


Oil on canvas

Inventory sheet

This final piece for his State scholarship in Paris was sent by the painter to the Academia Portuense in 1879. It represents a rural landscape in large format done in the outskirts of Paris.

The vibration of the light on the motifs, the rapid brushstrokes of intense colours and the unconventional representation of space in perspective (through bands of colour differentiated by the texture and impasto technique) express the modernity of the emerging aesthetics that influenced Silva Porto in the artistic centres he attended and the intense work he carried out in France and Italy between 1873 and 1879. The reasons for the landscape painter’s success on his return to Portugal and his influence over younger generations can thus be clearly understood.