TV Show “Visita Guiada” introduces Long-Term Exhibition

5 de March, 2024

On the day it completed 10 years, the Portuguese TV show “Visita Guiada” was recording at the Soares dos Reis National Museum. Conducted by Paula Moura Pinheiro, the program dedicated to the new Long-Term Exhibition of the Museum will be broadcast in April, on RTP2.


Throughout the last decade, the “Visita Guiada” program has been at the Soares dos Reis National Museum for multiple occasions, but now returns in the new season, revealing all the details that led to the reformulation of the Long-Term Exhibition, with an interview to António Ponte, Director of the Soares dos Reis National Museum.


With a history spanning almost 200 years, what is the first public art museum in the country presents a renewed perspective on its collections, always valuing the cultural heritage it comprises and honouring the history to which it is heir.

In the new long-term exhibition, the Museum proposes a path with two complementary readings. A first reading, which reflects its history and the way in which the collections were integrated, and in a second reading the artist and their works are valued. The exhibition presents a total of 1133 objects distributed across 27 galleries.


Authored and presented by Paula Moura Pinheiro, “Visita Guiada” tells the History of the Portuguese territory and its relations with the rest of the world through historical, material and immaterial heritage.


‘At the western end of the European continent, the territory that became Portugal around 900 years ago is, naturally, over-exposed to contact with geographies. Evidence of an extensive and complex network of relationships with other peoples and cultures dates back to pre-History and continues to occur: as in any other territory, everything that has occurred and happened in Portuguese territory over time is always, directly or indirectly, linked to other places and other people.


It is this global, integrated reading of History and heritage that Paula Moura Pinheiro seeks from the best researchers in the areas of History, Archaeology, Geography, Arts and Architecture’.  – Produced by RTP2, “Visita Guiada” began broadcasting weekly in 2014.