Talk about sustainability and the contribution of museums

14 de September, 2023

The Director of the Soares dos Reis National Museum, António Ponte, will take part in the Talk about Conversation on Sustainability and the Contribution of Museums, organised by the National Railway Museum in Entroncamento on 29 September at 11am, as part of the European Heritage Days.


Seeking to raise public awareness of the values of defending railway heritage and the importance of this means of transport for a more sustainable future, the National Railway Museum is marking European Heritage Days 2023 with a varied programme.

In this context, and following the presentation of the National Railway Museum’s Sustainability Plan last May, the National Railway Museum Foundation is organising a Talk entitled Pathways to Sustainability, which aims to talk about sustainability in its different aspects and the contribution of museums to this issue.


European Heritage Days

The JEPs are a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission and are the most widely celebrated and shared cultural event by Europe’s citizens.


More than 70,000 events are organized every year with the aim of raising awareness of Europe’s common heritage and the need for its continued protection, through the creation of experiences that promote inclusion and foster creativity and innovation.


The basic idea of the initiative is to promote access to heritage, inviting active participation in the discovery of a common cultural heritage, implying the involvement of European citizens with cultural heritage.


Reinforcing feelings of cultural identity, collective memory and the affirmation of a common heritage whose richness lies in its diversity are the main objectives of the JEPs, which therefore represent a celebration of international solidarity, dialogue and cultural diversity, constituting moments of reappropriation of the cultural remains of the past.