Soares dos Reis National Museum opens to the community

4 de July, 2023

For the third year running, the Soares dos Reis National Museum in Porto will mark Neighbours’ Day.


With the aim of strengthening ties with the surrounding community and reinforcing a sense of belonging, Neighbours’ Day will bring together António Ponte, the Museum’s Director, with residents and representatives of the commercial spaces and services located in the block of Rua D. Manuel II, Rua do Rosário, Rua Miguel Bombarda and Rua Adolfo Casais Monteiro.


As well as socialising and sharing, the initiative includes a visit to the new long-term exhibition at the Soares dos Reis National Museum, which has just opened, and will also feature a musical performance by students and teachers from the Guilhermina Suggia Music School.


The Soares dos Reis National Museum began a new cycle with the opening of its long-term exhibition on 13 April. With a history of almost 200 years, the country’s first public art museum is now taking a fresh look at its collections, which must be rediscovered.