Soares dos Reis National Museum is on Google Arts & Culture

25 de August, 2023

The Soares dos Reis National Museum is on Google Arts & Culture, making its collections available online.


Through this platform you can explore exhibitions and virtual tours in what is considered a “visiting card” representative of the national heritage.

The Portugal: Art and Heritage project, a partnership between Google Arts & Culture and the Ministry of Culture, through the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage, offers anyone interested, anywhere in the world, the possibility of enriching knowledge about the collections of museum spaces and national monuments.


Google Arts & Culture introduces the world to some of the biggest names in Portuguese painting, along with a fascinating journey through a thousand years of masterpieces that identify and honor us.


Through Google Arts & Culture, museum collections – including the Soares dos Reis National Museum – are accessible to any user, expanding the scope of their dissemination and knowledge.


The tool also opens up a wide range of opportunities for specific audiences, such as the school community, seniors or even academic researchers.


Launched in 2011, Google Arts & Culture is a website maintained by Google in collaboration with museums from different countries. Using Street View technology, the site offers free virtual tours of some of the world’s greatest art galleries. When “walking” through the galleries, it is also possible to view high-resolution images of selected works from each museum.