Reopening of the long-term exhibition

12 de April, 2023

The Soares dos Reis National Museum begins a new cycle with the opening of its long-term exhibition on 13 April. With a history of almost 200 years, the country’s first public art museum is repositioning itself and taking a new look at its collections.
Aware of the demands of an increasingly proactive and knowledgeable society, the MNSR seeks to provide opportunities for new readings and new narratives, always valuing its cultural heritage and honouring the history to which it is heir.
Speaking at the protocol session, the director of the MNSR emphasised that the new exhibition proposes a journey with two parallel and complementary readings. One narrative reflects its history and the way the collections have been integrated. The other emphasises the artists and their works.


NORTE 2020 Portugal 2020 Feder PRR Cultural Heritage Safeguard Fund

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