Preparatory meeting for a fire drill

30 de November, 2023

A preparatory meeting was held this morning for a fire drill that will soon be held at the Soares dos Reis National Museum, as part of the ongoing review and updating of the existing Safety Plan.


The meeting was attended by representatives of Civil Protection, the Public Security Police, the Sapper Fire Battalion and the company responsible for carrying out the drill.

The aim of the exercise is to improve the Museum team’s ability to respond to a possible fire in the galleries of the Carrancas Palace, ensuring not only the evacuation of people, but also the safeguarding of the works that make up the museum collection (Simulacrum of Intervention and Evacuation of Cultural Property).


These meetings allow for the creation of new synergies and closer co-operation between the Soares dos Reis National Museum – as an institution that manages cultural assets – and the different services of Civil Protection, for a more effective management of crisis situations, with control and reduction of losses and damage.