Portreto de la Animo exhibition features workshop and performance

10 de November, 2023

The Portreto de la Animo exhibition and parallel activities are the focus of the Art & Health programme in 2023, continuing the cultural offer aimed at minimising the impact of mental illness.


Portreto de la Animo can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

On 19 November, the parallel programme of the Portreto de la Animo Art Brut Etc. exhibition offers a workshop and a performance related to movement and choreography.


Scheduled for 10.30am, the workshop “A walk through the nature of the body” aims to launch a challenge related to the multiple readings of the body as landscape, machine or animal. How movement and its choreography can open up new narratives about the body, looking at others and being nature.


The activity, which lasts 1.5 hours, is aimed at families and the general public and is free of charge.


At 12 noon, the performance “IO – Landscapes, Machines, Animals” will be presented, the first piece in a series of works by Né Barros that move between Landscapes, Machines and Animals. The piece IO takes its name from one of Jupiter’s four large moons which, despite being located in an icy region, is characterised by being the place with the greatest volcanic activity in the Solar System.


It is with this title that José Alberto Gomes launches his album, which is based on the manipulation and deconstruction of the rich, hypnotic timbre of the baritone saxophone and which is structured as a one-breath, patient, multi-layered work, admittedly influenced by the universe of science fiction and strongly marked by the introspective tones always present in the work of BlacKoyote (the album’s label). It is this environment of extremes and contrasts that also inspires the final piece directed by Né Barros, which takes on a hybrid form between concert and performance.


The activity, which lasts 50 minutes, is aimed at families and the general public and is free, subject to capacity.




Choreographer and dancer, researcher at the Philosophy Institute of the University of Porto in the Aesthetics, Politics and Knowledge group. She has developed her artistic work in connection with her academic studies and research. She began her training in classical dance and later worked in contemporary dance and choreographic composition in the United States (Smith College). She has a PhD in Dance (University of Lisbon) and a Master’s in Dance Studies (Laban Centre, London). She completed a post-doctorate at the Institute of Philosophy on the aesthetics of performances. She studied Theatre (ESAP). As a choreographer, she has collaborated with visual artists, photographers, film directors, directors and musicians.



Musician, sound artist and curator. He completed the piano course at the Porto Conservatory and, in 2007, finalised his degree in Composition at ESMAE. He has a PhD in Computer Music from Universidade Católica Portuguesa and has been involved in teaching in the field of art and new media. He is currently coordinator of the Braga Media Arts Educational Service (UNESCO Creative City in the field of Media Arts) where he develops and guides content, shows and artistic creation projects linked to new technologies in art, community and education. He teaches at the School of Arts – UCP, on the Master’s Degree in Digital Games Development Engineering – IPCA and on the PhD in Media and Digital Art at Universidade Aberta.