Museum Director on the Bombarda Quarteirão Advisory Board

29 de September, 2023

António Ponte, in his capacity as Director of the Soares dos Reis National Museum, is a member of the newly formed Advisory Board of the Bombarda Creative Quarter.


The Advisory Board is made up of a group of specialists in different areas of knowledge, whose mission will be to advise the management team of the Bombarda Creative Quarter on its strategy for action and sustained development.


The composition of the Advisory Board will be publicly announced this Friday 29th, from 7.30pm, at CCBombarda (Rua de Miguel Bombarda, 285), during the Information Session on the Bombarda Digital project.

About the Association

Formed in 2022 by active members of the local community, Quarteirão Criativo – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Local has as its main objectives the promotion, support and development of the potential of the territory of its social area, with a view to local and regional growth in the quest to improve people’s lives.


The Association wants to be a driving force for the promotion of solidarity, cooperation and networking between traders, entrepreneurs and residents of the Bombarda Quarter, as well as for the animation and implementation of local and regional development programmes.


Documenting, valuing and disseminating the social capital and preserving the artistic and creative character of the Quarteirão, enhancing the geographical area at a social, urban, environmental, cultural and tourist level, or designing, organising and promoting local, regional and international events, are just some of the lines that guide the work of Quarteirão Criativo – Associação para o Desenvolvimento Local.


About the Quarter

For over 25 years, the Miguel Bombarda Quarter has been an epicentre for business and creatives.


The concentration of contemporary art galleries in this area of Porto has fuelled what is an internationally recognised brand – Bombarda Porto Art District.


It comprises more than 178 establishments in the areas of commerce, media and leisure services, culture and entertainment.


The Simultaneous Inaugurations are an example of its cultural dynamism. As well as optimising and synchronising resources for the visibility of contemporary art, this bi-monthly circuit has established itself as a magnetic asset for new businesses – commerce and adjacent services – as it attracts thousands of visitors for each edition in a circuit that involves the whole area.


Located in the Union of Parishes of the Historic Centre of the city of Porto, in the heart of the old parish of Cedofeita, the Bombarda block includes Rua de Miguel Bombarda, Rua do Rosário, Rua do Breyner, Rua da Boa Nova, Rua de Adolfo Casais Monteiro, Rua D. Manuel II, Rua da Maternidade and Largo da Maternidade.