Museum director leads debate on tourism and culture

27 de February, 2024

The Director of the Soares dos Reis National Museum, António Ponte, will be the moderator of the debate ‘Tourism and culture as city assets’, which will include the participation of Miguel Guedes, João Paulo Rapagão and Catarina Santos Cunha.


Scheduled for next Saturday, March 2, the talk will take place after the visit by Arquitectos Aliados Studio to the M.Ou.Co Hotel, as part of the first edition of “Porto de Arquitetura”.


“Porto de Arquitetura” is a program developed jointly by Porto City Council and Casa da Arquitectura. Between February and July, eight buildings in the city, representative of the latest contemporary architecture, will be visited free of charge and open to the public upon prior registration.

Each visit is accompanied by a talk with the architects and other personalities connected to the spaces, which will give an insider’s view of the process of designing, constructing and restoring the works.


The buildings represent some of the most important recent interventions in the city, from housing to infrastructure, including buildings for education, culture, tourism and municipal services.


All of them are urban landmarks which, revealed and unveiled in this way, are intended to inspire future quality interventions and highlight the high standards we want for the city we inhabit.


All visits are guided by the architects who designed the works and always start at 4pm. At the end of each visit, there will be a talk with a number of personalities linked to the works.


More information here.


Photo credits: Câmara Municipal do Porto @Andreia Merca