Inaugural class of a new course brings U.Porto students to the Museum

14 de February, 2022

The Director of Soares dos Reis National Museum, António Ponte, and the Museum team welcomed about 30 students from the University of Porto (U.Porto) who participated in the inaugural class of the new course, “Culture, Art and Heritage: the museum as a place of fruition”. Resulting from a partnership between U.Porto and various city institutions, the initiative will, for one semester, allow behind the scenes access to Porto’s artistic and cultural activity and encourage the acquisition of transversal skills regarding how a Museum functions.

Undergraduate and Master’s students from different areas, such as Management, Law, Veterinary Medicine and the Fine Arts will be in direct contact with the Soares dos Reis National Museum team and be able to acquire knowledge about museology, collection management, conservation and restoration, as well as image and visual culture.