Guided tour highlights Pillement’s painting in the Music Room of the Palacio dos Carrancas

13 de October, 2023

As part of the programme proposed for the month of October, the guided tour in Portuguese by Paula Santos, “Pillement in the Music Room of the Carrancas Palace”, will take place on the 20th at 11am.


The allegories of the reign of King João VI serve as a backdrop to contextualise the Portuguese phase of the landscape painter Jean Pillement (Lyon 1728-1808), whose activity in Porto left a visible trace in the work of Francisco Vieira, the master gilder of the old Porta do Olival.


This visit will make it possible to recognise innovations in 18th century landscape painting through a selection of works by one of the most influential and appreciated artists in Portuguese collecting.


Jean Pillement (Lyon 1728 – 1808) was a French artist who trained in textile design at the Gobelins factory in Paris. He lived in Lisbon before the 1755 earthquake, where he worked as a draughtsman at the Royal Silk Factory. Having travelled around Europe, he returned to Portugal around 1782, where he excelled in pastel technique in the field of Landscape.



The painter treated idyllic countryside and marine scenes, idealising nature. He also captured aspects of Portugal linked to the fishing of the Tejo and Douro rivers. In Oporto, he laid the foundations for a current of Landscapes with Domingos Vieira and his son, Francisco Vieira, the Portuense.