A Caridade

António Teixeira Lopes (1866-1942)



Inventory sheet

This bronze is faithful to the model for Caridade (Charity) belonging to the Teixeira Lopes House-Museum. The respective marble is at the tomb of A. Caetano de Carvalho in the Agramonte Cemetery in Porto. In his Memórias (Memoirs), Teixeira Lopes wrote that it was one of his best works.

Teixeira Lopes’ Caridade (Charity) follows the parameters of Naturalism, moving away from the traditional iconography, which depicted a woman covering hungry children with her cloak. Instead, Teixeira Lopes focuses on the suffering expression of a Sister of Charity, in contemporary clothes, supporting malnourished children. Under her hood, we see the lost look on her face, while her emaciated hands are barely able to hold the helpless children.