Coat of Arms of the Kingdom

18th century

Medium/ high-relief

Inventory sheet

This coat of arms is from the façade of the former Real Teatro de S. João, in Porto, designed by Vicente Mazzoneschi, Italian architect and painter, who was in Portugal working at the Teatro de S. Carlos in Lisbon as a set designer.
The Royal Theatre of S. João was inaugurated on 13th May 1798, the birthday of the Prince Regent João (the future João VI). The theatre was destroyed by a great fire that occurred during the night of 11th to 12th April 1908.
The royal coat of arms is composed of eight granite blocks displaying the royal coat of arms of Portugal. There is an oval shield set on a banner with five small escutcheons, each bearing five bezants, bordered by seven castles (three in a band and two on each side) surmounted by a closed crown.