Own Voice Book – Jorge Ginja and Mário Viegas


On January 23rd (Sunday), at 4pm, the MNSR hosts the presentation session of the book VOZ PRÓPRIA – Jorge Ginja e Mário Viegas, a publication that includes 2 CDs with the voice of Mário Viegas reciting poetry selected by Jorge Ginja. The recording now made public is more than 50 years old and is the result of a request made by Jorge Ginja to Mário Viegas, when he was 21 years old, to record poetry that he could take to war.
Participating in the presentation session are António Ponte, Director of the MNSR, Laura Castro, Regional Director of Culture of the North, Catarina Ginja, daughter of Jorge Ginja, doctor and former Regional Director of Culture of the North, as well as Manuela Melo and Jorge Campos, the 2 witnesses of the friendship between Jorge Ginja and Mário Viegas in Porto at the Teatro Universitário do Porto and Café Piolho in the 60s.
The book VOZ OWN – Jorge Ginja and Mário Viegas brings together 49 texts by different authors, such as Alexandre O’Neill, José Carlos Ary dos Santos and Manuel Alegre, and the reader will find, at the beginning of each piece of writing, a QR Code to access the recitation from your cell phone.
Available at https://in-libris.com/products/voz-propria-jorge-ginja-e-mario-viegas