Not even 3 days will the world see it pass


Commissioner – Bernardo Pinto de Almeida
Executive Commissioner – José da Costa Reis

The MNSR, in a co-production with the Porto City Council and the Círculo Dr. José Figueiredo – Friends of the MNSR, hosts the photography exhibition NEM 3 DAYS THE WORLD SEES PASS, by Graça Sarsfield and Francisca Siza. Curated by Bernardo Pinto de Almeida, the exhibition combines digital and analogue in a new intergenerational photographic perspective, presented in a diptych format.
This exhibition is shared between Graça Sarsfield, the grandmother, and Francisca Siza, the granddaughter, who work in analogue and digital respectively. While Graça Sarsfield builds the images analogically, Francisca Siza deconstructs them from the matrix, using digital, editing new images. In this marriage where the cold digital technology merges with the analogue, the aim is to talk about what is finite giving way to something else: Finitude/Renewal.
The exhibition is also presented as a tribute to Luís Serpa, who disappeared in 2015, a Lisbon personality who greatly boosted contemporary art.