Museum Holidays | children and youth groups

workshops and visits
From Tuesday to Friday, from June 20th to August 31st (10:30 am – 12:30 pm / 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm)
Minimum of 5 and maximum of 15 participants in organized groups
2 Eur per participant

During vacation time, the Soares dos Reis National Museum invites you to take a different break and enjoy a vast program. A set of activities are available for organized groups, upon selection and prior booking, that go from the exhibition to the outside and to other spaces of the Museum, namely the gardens. A different way of occupying the free time of children and young people, now on vacation, and of maintaining a record of learning continuity that enhances the active involvement of participants with the objects and the Museum and allows, at the same time, to build knowledge and create memories .



My lantern, light of St. John | 6 to 16 years old In galleries, in painting and sculpture, we appreciate color and shapes drawn by light. Between embossed paper, cutouts and washes, each one will create a lantern to shine on Saint John’s night and on other summer nights.

A handful of objects | 6 to 16 years Metals, sands, clays, stones, vegetable substances and many other materials, after being worked, exhibit human creativity and aesthetic nature. In the exhibition we see objects that enchant us and learn about the stories that convey them. Full of inspiration, we then build an object that will contain the surprise we experienced. When we leave, we carry a mobile in our hands and new ideas in our minds.

Art in parts | 6 to 16 years old The fire of creating inspires the painter and inspires us. We linger on that work that attracts and illuminates us. In an exercise in shapes, color and scale, we go from small to large. In the end, we are surprised by what collaborative work reveals!

A story to be told | 6 to 16 years old Contemplating a work in the galleries, composing the entire scene, imagining that we are inside it and then moving and feeling it. With cuts and color touches, we assembled this scene in several planes. Portable scenery, where small figures can tell unspoken stories on hot summer nights.

What fits in this landscape | 6 to 16 years old There is an immensity of landscapes. Very different animals and plants live in each of them. Let’s explore and transform, into a unique composition, one of those landscapes that the artist Silva Porto painted in the 19th century. Starting from the work Harvest – Harvesters (Lumiar), we will discover what animals and plants could inhabit that landscape when the harvesters returned home at the end of the day after work.



The Fire Arts | 11 to 16 years old Many of the objects we use every day, plates, cutlery, glasses, earrings, originate from fire techniques. Pieces that inhabit the main floor of the Museum are part of this large family. Some are rare today, others are unique and many have shapes, functions and decorations that surprise us.

When painting invites | 3 to 10 years old When playing, we get involved in colors, light, places and everything else that inspires us. With our senses in full swing, we gain eyes that listen, ears that taste and, in front of the works, anything can happen… a picnic in the countryside, getting our feet wet on the beach, traveling in a hot air balloon! Imagine!

The World in the Museum | 11 to 16 years old Can the world fit into a Museum? A journey begins in a place that has many places and many memories: the Museum. But how far will we be able to go and what places will we be able to see? A journey begins that allows us to talk about new places and build new memories.

Looking for Treasure | 14 to 16 years old Throughout the long-term exhibition there are ten objects classified as assets of national interest, or also known as National Treasures. Through this journey, we will learn about the different classifications and the reasons why an object is considered irreplaceable for collective history and memory.