India in Portugal – A Time of Artistic Confluences


Commissioner – Hugo Miguel Crespo

The exhibition features a large number of historically relevant pieces, including many from private collections, some never before seen. This exhibition reflects the way in which the arrival of the Portuguese in India, by creating, in the 16th and 17th centuries, new transoceanic trade routes, made it possible for Europeans to commission hitherto unknown artistic objects.
The exhibition is made up of around 70 pieces such as medium-sized portable furniture (safes, office chests, game boards, offices, counters, tables and chests) and luxury household objects, mostly made of precious materials, which transport us to specific production centers along the western Indian coast.
Integrated into the program of the European Presidency of the European Union, the exhibition is curated by Hugo Miguel Crespo and is promoted in partnership with the Embassy of Portugal in India and the Círculo Dr. José de Figueiredo/Friends of the MNSR.