Depositium 3 – Blind Date


Commissioner – Students of the University of Porto
Coordination – Hugo Barreira, from the University of Porto, Adelaide Carvalho and Paula Azeredo (MNSR)

The exhibition is the result of the work developed in the new Curricular Unit of the University of Porto Culture, Art and Heritage: the museum as a place of enjoyment, which brings together undergraduate and master’s students from different areas such as Management, Law, Veterinary Science, Architecture or Fine Arts.
Reflecting the focus on collaborative projects and unlikely curations, the exhibition reinforces interaction with the MNSR’s audiences. In the third edition of the DEPOSITORIUM cycle, the pieces were selected from the painting, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics and textile reserves.
The proposal that the commissioners make to visitors is in line with the concept of a blind date with a work of art. At the entrance, a questionnaire is provided that suggests a match with one of the 15 works of art present and the visitor will have to find it, being confronted on the circuit by other pieces.