Corpo Presente Performative Program


The City Museum presents at MNSR an extended cycle of performative interventions based on and around the painting Self-Portrait as Saint António by Aurélia de Souza. In the De Corpo Presente program, alongside the Vida e Segredo exhibition. Aurélia de Souza 1866-1922, five performers place the emphasis on the body and space: from reading to activated installation, from sound to the inhabited scenic device, from poetic words to group performative work with the school community. Between November and February 2023, Luísa Mota, António Poppe, Vera Mota, Isabel Carvalho and Carminda Soares will evoke Aurélia’s boldness in five new performative creations – a mix of historical and poetic rigor, political and aesthetic questioning, games of self-staging, looks for domestic, feminine gestures and gender roles. The cycle is assumed to be a creation-reflection of Aurélia’s current situation, bringing its echoes to the ears.

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