Workshop of camera lucida at the Museum

14 de November, 2023

Workshop helds in Portuguese

In this workshop, we intend to share a project that allows with simple materials to prove that it is possible to create an illustrative tool for Art and Optics at the same time, also proving that there is a lot of Science in Art.


The camera lucida is a very important auxiliary drawing instrument for photography and optical physics. This instrument allows the user to simultaneously observe the object to be drawn and the drawing surface, such as a decal.


Through observation through the camera lucida, the designer can simply document the key points of the sculpture or image to be reproduced, or trace all the lines of force of the form or composition.


This activity is part of the Science and Technology Week 2023 program, taking place between November 20th and 26th, with the aim of publicizing and promoting scientists, what they research and their contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the well-being of society.


Hundreds of science and technology dissemination actions are carried out organized by scientific institutions, universities, schools, museums and science centers across the country.


Colloquiums, exhibitions, science cafes or activities in laboratories are examples of initiatives organized during this period that have contributed to the appropriation of science by citizens. The public, especially younger audiences, has the opportunity to learn more about the scientific community and the most recent research results in the most diverse scientific areas.


Science and Technology Week includes the National Scientific Culture Day, established on November 24th in honor of the professor, poet and science popularizer Rómulo de Carvalho, who was born on this date. National Scientific Culture Day was established in 1996, and the celebration of scientific culture was extended to a week the following year.