Naturalists from Escola do Porto stand out in guided tour

13 de September, 2023

Summer Program


Meetings on Saturday, September 30, 3pm


Visit subject to a minimum of 5 participants with prior registration

The Soares dos Reis National Museum’s summer program closes in September and ends with the Saturday Encounters section. On September 30, the agenda includes the guided tour Landscape painting in Naturalism.


In the painting galleries on the second floor of the long-term exhibition, visitors can find out how the naturalist movement emerged in Portugal and the different approaches to landscape painting in the work of some artists from the Porto School.


The visit will allow you to understand the historical and cultural context in which naturalist painting emerged in Portugal and to see examples of the work of some naturalists from the Porto school, namely Silva Porto, Artur Loureiro, Henrique Pousão and Sousa Pinto.


Find out more on the tour led by Ana Nascimento, collection manager. The visit is subject to a minimum of 5 participants and requires prior registration.


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