Guided Visit to National Treasures from the Museum’s collection

10 de August, 2023

A Guided Visit to the National Treasures from the Soares dos Reis National Museum collection is proposed for the late afternoon of August 17th, at 6 pm, in another session of the Quintas fora d’horas cycle. Free entry.


Registration here.

The Soares dos Reis National Museum has a set of 10 pieces classified as assets of national interest, also called National Treasures. A classification attributed to objects of undeniable national value for their antiquity, authenticity, creativity, exemplarity, memory, originality, rarity or uniqueness.


This Guided Tour is therefore an excellent opportunity to tour the galleries of the Museum’s new Long Term Exhibition, paying particular attention to the most important works.


List of National Treasures in MNSR


The Exile Strong,
António Soares dos Reis (1847-1889)
Mármore de Carrara


Aurélia de Souza Self-portrait
Aurélia de Sousa (1866-1922)
c. 1900
Oil on canvas


Casas brancas de Capri
Henrique Pousão (1859-1884)
Oil on canvas


Busto relicário de São Pantaleão
Unknown author
15th and 16th centuries
White, gilded and painted silver; nail polishes; gold, hyaline quartz


Crossa de báculo episcopal
Antonio Arrighi (ourives)
Cast silver, chiseled; Golden


Conde de Ferreira
António Soares dos Reis (1847-1889)
Original plaster


Janela das persianas azuis
Henrique Pousão (1859-1884)
Oil on wood


Senhora vestida de preto
Henrique Pousão (1859-1884)
Oil on wood


Cruz e Galhetas
Holy Lenho cross-reliquary set and pair of eucharistic cruets
End of century 17th/early 18th century


Par de Pulseiras
Late Bronze Atlantic / 1st Iron Age – 7th / 6th (late) centuries BC
Chance find in Rocio de São Sebastião, Castro Verde, Portugal