Fernando de Castro House-Museum presents new portrait

29 de August, 2023

The Yellow Room of the Fernando de Castro House-Museum, in Porto, now has a portrait of musician Francisco Eduardo Costa on display, which was in the reserves of the House-Museum. The portrait is part of the environment created by the collector Fernando de Castro.


The collection at the Fernando de Castro House-Museum is made up of different collections gathered over several decades. It is mainly made up of religious art with erudite and popular representations, Portuguese naturalist painting and decorative arts. There is also an interesting collection of caricatures and some books by Fernando de Castro, collector, artist and poet.

Fernando de Castro (Sé, 23 Nov. 1888 – Paranhos, 7 Oct. 1946) was a collector and businessman from Porto who was known for his poetic streak, manifested in his publications, his love of reading and his penchant for drawing, having created several series of caricatures.


Fernando de Castro lived in Rua das Flores next to his father’s shop, whose business thrived on glass, mirrors and painted paper. Between 1893-1908, the businessman embarked on the construction of a new house in Rua de Costa Cabral.


From an early age, Fernando de Castro grew up in an imaginary full of style figures and icons, particularly with regard to the furniture and furnishings of Costa Cabral’s house – a heritage he preserved and respected after his father’s death in 1918.


As an adult, he developed his cultural interests in a circle of friends linked to business and with a particular taste for the arts and letters. It was after his mother’s death in 1925 that Fernando de Castro acquired new pieces.


The Fernando de Castro House-Museum has been administered by the Soares dos Reis National Museum since 1952. Visits are subject to prior booking. Learn more here.