King Pedro IV Day marked with historical reenactment and Porto Liberal Cocktail

5 de July, 2022

In the early evening of 8th July, the Soares dos Reis National Museum hosted the first initiative of the programme, Meetings with Pedro IV, promoted by Porto Liberal. This was a staging of the Siege of Porto, performed by members of the Association of Recreators and Collectors of Portuguese Historical Arms.

And We Arrived in Porto. Disembarking Memories staged events during the Civil War between Liberals and Absolutists from July 1832 onwards, which gave rise to the Siege of Porto. The performance symbolically took place 200 years after the landing of King Pedro IV on Pampelido beach. The monarch then settled in Carrancas Palace, currently the Soares dos Reis National Museum, elevating it to the Porto Royal Palace.

In a partnership with the Porto School of Hospitality and Tourism, the event also featured the launching of the new cocktail and biscuit, Porto Liberal, designed by students from the school to mark this historic date and the presence of D. Pedro in Porto.