Conversation about Soares dos Reis, exile, refuge and immigration

25 de July, 2023

Regarding the video installation Sine Terra (variations in minor mode), by José Carlos Teixeira, the Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis brings together Maria de Fátima Lambert and Hugo Monteiro, researchers from the Escola Superior de Educação of the Instituto Politécnico do Porto, for a conversation, and the artist himself.


The conversation will take place on Thursday, July 27th, at 6pm, and will focus on Soares dos Reis and exile in one’s own home, as well as the themes of exile, refuge and immigration, on which José Carlos Teixeira has been discussing reflect in your work.


Sine Terra (variations in minor mode) is a video installation by José Carlos Teixeira, open to the public until August 27th, around the sculpture The Outcast, work of António Soares dos Reis, which explores concepts related to the fall, multiple and fragmented identity, exile and various displacements.

The artist proposes a new look at the emotions that The Outcast transmits to visitors and presents, simultaneously, a poetic record and a documentary record about the piece sculpted in Rome 150 years ago by the Museum’s patron.


José Carlos Teixeira speaks of the existence of two times: “a more objective and factual one in the recording of the sculpture in situ and in the investigation of Soares dos Reis, combined with another, more subjective and essayistic time – that of the creation and composition of this project, derived from the his own autobiographical motivations as an author, artist and person and/immigrant”.


The soundtrack of the video installation is performed on the harpsichord by Fernando Miguel Jalôto, with pieces by Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757) and Vasco Negreiros (1965), and includes the recitation in Portuguese and English of poems by national and foreign authors such as Alexandre Herculano, author of the poem Tristezas do Desterro, which served as inspiration for Soares dos Reis to sculpt The Outcast