Christian Berst talks about the limits of Art Brut

23 de October, 2023

As part of the parallel programme of the exhibition Portreto de la Animo Art Brut Etc., on display at the Soares dos Reis National Museum, Christian Berst comments a visit in French about the limits of Art Brut. On November 4th, at 5 pm.


The visit is part of a cycle of initiatives promoted with the support of the National Coordination of Mental Health Policies.

Christian Berst is gallerist, collector, curator and theorist. At the beginning of the 90s, he specialized in the field of contemporary art brut and opened his first gallery called “Objet Trouvé” in Paris. As a specialist in the field of art brut, Christian Berst works with several museums.


In 2012, the Arpad Szenes-Vieira da Silva Foundation invited him to curate in Lisbon the exhibition “Arte Bruta – terra incógnita, Treger Saint-Silvestre Collection”.


With partner Daniel Klein, Christian Berst opened a second 300 m2 space in New York in 2014. The two galleries adopt the new name “Christian Berst Art Brut (Klein & Berst)”.


In 2017, he was responsible for “Brut Now: art brut in technological era”, a landmark exhibition in art history. For the first time, digital art was presented as a possible field within Art Brut.


The Portreto de la Animo exhibition includes selected pieces from the Treger Saint Silvestre Collection that relate to processes of self-representation and that were mostly produced in contexts of illness. The Soares dos Reis National Museum thus provides the meeting point for these works of art, included in currents that go beyond the traditional ones, with others from its own collection.


The exhibition has the patronage support of the Millenium bcp Foundation and Lusitânia Seguros, as well as the institutional support of the Dr. José de Figueiredo Circle – Friends of the Soares dos Reis National Museum.