Whether it’s day or night, it doesn’t matter


Authorship and Commissioner – André Gomes and Pedro Calapez
Executive Commissioner – Ana Anjos Mântua

The MNSR hosts the temporary exhibition SEJA DAY OR SEJA NIGHT IT DOESN’T MATTER, with works and curated by Pedro Calapez and André Gomes. The artists’ proposal merges into a unique 3-way dialogue, between the modernity of Pedro Calapez’s painting and André Gomes’ photographs with the naturalism of Artur Loureiro, a 19th century painter strongly represented in the MNSR collection.
This is an exhibition with pieces already presented in 2021 at the Berardo Museum, but which are now displayed in a unique circuit with paintings by Artur Loureiro, together telling a unique narrative of landscapes and figures.
At a time when the MNSR is preparing the long-term exhibition and reflecting on the commitment to greater proximity between the public and the Museum, the exhibition SEJA DAY OR SEJA NIGHT IT DOESN’T MATTER appears as an opportunity to present different artistic periods that combine with each other .