Exhibition ‘Azul no Azul’


Authorship – Nelson Ferreira

To mark the 150th anniversary of O DESTERRADO, a masterpiece by António Soares dos Reis, the MNSR proposes new perspectives on the sculpture with the exhibition Azul no Azul, which brings together watercolors by artist Nelson Ferreira and a film by Italian filmmaker Gianmarco Donaggio. Young artists demonstrate how much classical masters influence the creation of contemporary artists with their timeless works.

Nelson Ferreira’s pieces, worked on live in an artistic residency at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, in Lisbon, are created using the alla prima technique and explore Blue in watercolors on absorbent paper. The film is the result of the meeting between the painter and the Italian filmmaker Gianmarco Donaggio and reflects how the painter sees the world while creating his works.

“Blue is the liminal space where movement cuts through static, painting meets cinema, and dynamic tension sets dreams free. Blue, in the film, is neither a statement nor a color, but rather the emergence of a feeling”, reads the opening text of the exhibition, signed by art historian Hilda Frias.