The Plate of the Viscounts of S. João da Pesqueira


Coordination – Friends of MNSR – Dr. José de Figueiredo Circle, MNSR and Diocese of Porto

Among the various facets of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro’s artistic activity, one of the highlights is the design of a silver plate made up of 300 pieces for the 3rd Viscount of São João da Pesqueira, Luís Maria de Sousa Vahia Rebelo de Morais.

The execution took place between 1900 and 1904, under the direction of master goldsmith Guilherme Soares, head of the Casa Reis & Filhos workshops in Porto, with the collaboration of Bordalo Pinheiro in monitoring the work.

The Manuelina Plate is exhibited to the public for the first time by Casa Reis & Filhos in 1904. The exhibition is held in the context of the IV Congress Silver in Iberoamerica, organized by the Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Escola das Artes.