Sound installation ECO ( ) LAPSO


Sound installation ECO ( ) LAPSO

Rui Pinheiro


From 11th May to 28th July

Tuesday to Sunday, 10h00 / 18h00

The sound installation ECO ( ) LAPSO, by Henrique Fernandes/ Sonoscopia, establishes a dialogue between the plaster sculpture L’ Echo! (1915), by Maria da Glória Ribeiro (Porto 1891-1989), a work from the Soares dos Reis National Museum collection, and a musical composition produced from sound recordings and archive material related to the 25 April revolution.


This sculpture explores ECHO in juxtaposition with LAPSO, auditory perception and communication phenomena. The experience, from an aesthetic and sensory perspective, presents elements suggesting individualized listening to the present, based on a relationship of resonant connection with time-memory.


ECO ( ) LAPSO is a site-specific sound installation, consisting of a set of artwork transportation boxes displayed throughout the exhibition space and transformed into an electro-acoustic device.


In addition to the sound material from various audio recordings of 25 April 1974, Sonoscopia and a wide range of artists made field recordings throughout Portugal 50 years later, in order to create a sound map, making a temporal counterpoint.