Robertos Theater Show


For ages 3 and up


Ticket office
5 Euros


45 minutes

The Soares dos Reis National Museum hosts, on the 2nd of September, at 3 pm, the Mandrágora Theater and Puppet Company, for the presentation of two Robertos Theater shows, for the whole family.


“O Barbeiro Diabólico”
Rosa and Roberto are getting married, but to do so he will have to go to the barber.
Once shaved he refuses to pay and after a fight he kills the barber. The priest celebrates the funeral, but the policeman comes to arrest Roberto, who also offers him the same fate. Behold, the devil appears, who, deceived by Roberto, has the same end as the previous ones. Soon death appears and comes to take him, but more skillful than destiny, Roberto overcomes death itself!!!


“O Castelo dos Fantasmas”
Prisoner in the castle tower, Rosa awaits Roberto’s help, but to get there, Roberto will have to overcome the crocodile, face the giant that inhabits the castle and finally face the ghosts that inhabit it! Only by showing yourself capable of going through these trials will you be able to reach your Rose!