José Régio [Re]visits to the Ivory Tower


Commissioner – Rui Maia
Production – Vila do Conde City Council, MNSR

This is an exhibition of poetry and drawing that allows greater knowledge of José Régio’s production. Drawings of an intimate nature, references to the poet’s imagination, set in Indian ink, wash, colored pencils and pigmented wax, consolidating the previous scratching of graphite, mark the author’s manuscript, sometimes included in the fabric of the poem, sometimes anticipating -or succeeding it, materializing the fleeting impression that seemed to escape him, reads the presentation made by curator Rui Maia.
This exhibition appears as a proposal from the Municipal Councils of Vila do Conde, place of the writer’s birth and death, and Portalegre, where he taught for much of his life. It results from the activities of the national working group structured within the scope of the evocation of the 50th anniversary of José Régio’s death, which was marked in 2019.