Figurine Seller Painting


Starting the year 2022, the piece of the month chosen by MNSR’s social media followers is the oil on canvas SELLER OF FIGURINES, by the painter João Cristino da Silva, a piece from Fernando de Castro’s collection and unique in the MNSR’s collections.

Born in Alfama, Lisbon, into a bourgeois family linked to commerce, João Cristino da Silva attended the Academia das Belas-Artes de Lisboa, from 1841 to 1845, where he revealed his aptitude for the arts, but also a nervous temperament and an irreverent personality. who refuses academic education.

Find out more about his journey and the canvas in a session commented by Ana Anjos Mântua, coordinator of the Casa-Museu Fernando de Castro. On January 20th and 25th, at 1:30 pm.