The Art for Art movement, created by the Lionesa Group, has teamed up with the Soares dos Reis National Museum’s Other Places project and SIGN to present LUGAR CATIVO, an exhibition open to the city of a selection of paintings from the museum’s collection, available to the public from 29 September.


LUGAR CATIVO is a set of portraits that position their gaze on the city and the viewer, a two-way observation between the character represented and their audience, and vice versa, in a dialogue developed to suit each person. Around 40 reproductions are placed on the façades of buildings.

Reinforcing the Museum’s motto “A museum of people, by people for people”, the Other Places programme aims to continue the touring of the Soares dos Reis National Museum’s collections with partner organisations. The action aims to go beyond the Museum’s space and its formal organisation to involve unlikely and different curatorships, given the nature of the partners, the place of presentation and the respective contexts.


The selection of artworks that will be on display on Rua do Cativo over the next few months, for the enjoyment of those who pass through the street, will find here a space dedicated to cultural democracy. This is a joint initiative between Lionesa Group, Soares dos Reis National Museum and SIGN – Wide Format Printing.


The exhibition also marks the 1st anniversary of the Lionesa Group and continues the Art for Art initiative, a movement that sees art as a magnifying glass on the territory, a stethoscope on the neighbour, a stereoscope on an entire community.