An unprecedented interpretation of Dante’s journey through the artworks of António Carneiro is the cultural proposal of the Lionesa Business Hub (LBH), in partnership with Soares dos Reis National Museum, for the entire community and open to the population.


Inferno – Dante’s Journey by António Carneiro, based on the painter’s 42 drawings, is the result of a partnership between Lionesa Business Hub, Lionesa Group, Soares dos Reis National Museum and ASCIPDA – Associazione Socio-Culturale Italiana del Portogallo Dante Alighieri.

The installation presents the nine infernal circles, each representing different stories and concepts in an eternal cycle of experiences and rebirth. A metaphor for human life, with a beginning, complexity and a point of arrival that is also a new beginning. The objective is to stimulate a unique moment of reflection and decision in the Lionesa Business Hub community.


This partnership between Soares dos Reis National Museum and the Lionesa Business Hub is the result of a patronage protocol that the Lionesa Group signed with the Museum and which went towards the requalification of rooms in the Palácio dos Carrancas. This initiative reinforces the orientation towards cultural democracy, awakening to the themes of well-being through art and culture.


The exhibition is free to access and will be open until Mars 2024. Everyday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.