Exhibition Chiado, Carmo, Paris The Places of Dordio Gomes and the Bifurcations of Painting


José Quaresma

Andrés Naranjo Macías | Bethânia Barbosa B. de Sousa | Catarina Mendes | Cláudia Colares | Enrique López Marín | Gina Martins | Joana Alves | João Castro Silva | José Gracia Pastor | José Quaresma | Juan Carlos Ramos Guadix | Mairen Rendón Gutiérrez | Nadya Ismail | Nicoleta Sanduslescu | Noelia Garrido Jiménez | Patricia Olivares Hurtado | Paulo Lourenço | Pedro Zhang | Ramón Freire Santa Cruz | Ricardo Garcia | Suzana Azevedo | Tiago Batista | Vasco Maia e Moura | Xavier B. Tourais

Based on the project Chiado, Carmo, Paris / Arts in the Public Sphere, which aims to highlight the artistic production of Dordio Gomes and bring him closer to different spaces, the MNSR puts on the exhibition CHIADO, CARMO, PARIS THE PLACES OF DORDIO GOMES AND THE FORKS OF PAINTING in the cultural agenda of Porto, the city where the artist and pedagogue taught for 30 years. Its integration into the MNSR’s programming is also related to the presence of very relevant works by the modernist painter in its collection.

The result of a partnership with the Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada, Spain, the exhibition reflects the training of different generations. It includes contemporary plastic works by 24 Portuguese and foreign artists inspired by Manuel Ángeles Ortiz (1895-1984), one of the main representatives of the Spanish School of Paris, with a path parallel to that of Dórdio Gomes in the Parisian artistic world at the beginning of the 20th century. The artists’ appropriations, which present pieces of painting, drawing, sculpture and engraving, continue the artistic, pedagogical and aesthetic change, characteristics of Dórdio Gomes.

The exhibition’s parallel program includes a conference, at the MNSR, on April 20th around the journey and legacy of the painter and pedagogue Dordio Gomes.