Exhibition Aurélia de Souza AS CASAS by Rui Pinheiro


Authorship and Curation
Rui Pinheiro

Ana Paula Machado

Aurélia’s houses, places where her painting lives, where, in the flow of days, looks, memories and idiosyncrasies intersect.Show a painting or photograph it. Appropriation. Distant reverence or passion, indifference or filial love, dilettantism or obsession, but always appropriation. Prolonging desire and restlessness, showing a painting, wherever and however we do it, requires a representation device, which, almost always by default, exposes and reveals us. In Aurélia’s homes there are many such “self-portraits”, insubmissive, indiscreet, treacherous at times, demanding the photographer’s attention and sensitivity at every step.


The photographic campaign carried out for Aurélia de Souza’s catalog raisonée, which will allow for a systematic inventory of all her work in public and private collections, was the starting point for Rui Pinheiro’s exhibition. The places where the pieces were photographed, in many cases the living rooms of private collectors, are revealed by the photographer and give a new context to the artist’s legacy. The visitor is confronted with more than 30 photographs of interior spaces that relate to paintings and drawings by Aurélia de Souza, as if proposing new stories.


The exhibition is sponsored by the BPI La Caixa Foundation and institutionally supported by Círculo Dr. José de Figueiredo – Friends of the Soares dos Reis National Museum.