Duo Spiritus Filum Concert

September 16th, 7pm

Free (subject to space capacity)

As part of the Saturday Encounters programme, the Soares dos Reis National Museum proposes a concert by the Duo Spiritus Filum, on September 16th, at 7 pm. The event has free entry, subject to space capacity.


Leonor Maia, the harpist, and Francisco Barbosa, the flutist, make up the Duo Spiritus Filum. The two met in Vienna, while participating in musical projects, and have since played in several concert halls in Portugal, Austria and Germany.


The Duo Spiritus Filum project consists of a musical journey, based on Classicism, mainly with works originally composed for harp and flute, which demonstrates the progression and evolution of music in different periods in the history of music.


The presentation they make at the Soares dos Reis National Museum is part of the RioHarpFestival 2023 program – European version.