Conversation on the Day of D. Pedro IV at the Museum

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The Soares dos Reis National Museum marks the Day of D. Pedro IV, in honor of its founder, in an initiative scheduled for 4pm, on the 8th of July, the date of the historic Landing of the liberal troops, at Praia do Pampelido, north of the Porto, on July 8, 1832, during the Liberal Wars, the name by which the Portuguese Civil War (1828-1834) became known.

The evocation of the Landing will, this year, have as its motto the Sword used by D. Pedro during the Siege of Porto (1832 – 1833) – a landmark episode of the civil war between liberals and absolutists, this being the pretext for a conversation with the researcher of Portuguese armory, João Rato.

The initiative will also feature the performance of Rancho Folclórica do Porto, which will present Canções do Liberalismo.

The Soares dos Reis National Museum has in its custody some pieces that made up the uniform of Coronel de Caçadores nº 5, worn by D. Pedro de Alcântara, Duke of Bragança, during the Siege of Porto: dolman, vest, cap, cocked hat, sword, lanyard, boldrié (belt with talim for hanging a sword) spectacle, map holder.

The first room of the new long-term exhibition at the Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis presents, in rotation, elements of the uniforms used by D. Pedro during the civil war.